Writing Use Cases: Avoid IF THEN in use case steps

Checking conditions within a use case step blows out the success scenario. The use case is hard to understand. Instead relocate conditions and their actions to exceptions or alternate flows. When it comes to use cases I often read success scenarios describing lots of conditions. The use case goes like this: Success scenario Step 4: The system does <A>. But in case the actor has selected <option 1> in step 3 then the system checks if <option 2> is selected too. If that is the

Writing Use Cases: Exception or Alternate Flow?

Learn when to describe an exception and when to go into an alternate flow. This is essential to improve readability of your use cases. As you might all know writing use cases may be tricky. The template is as easy as you can think. But using it efficiently is not that easy. One question I have been asked several times lately is When do I have to describe an Exception? What is an Alternate Flow? Actually, the difference is very easy to explain. Result negative: An Exception is